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I write stories that come from personal truths through authentic life experiences to voice the realities of the human condition to shed light in areas of our darkness. My perception of our world has been shaped and forged by a plethora of experiences; some filled with all the beauty and peacefulness the world has to offer only to have it shattered by hatred and ugliness. This is humanity's conflict. Just like a story, hero, conflict, plot, and resolution. Because in the end we have persevered through all the good, bad, and ugly and won. Life has not been easy and is not the perfect tale, but it is the truth of our humanity that needs to be voiced, expressed, and shared because these life experiences always come full circle, and that is the way we can inspire unity among one another is by sharing our personal struggles from a place of hope and grace rather than fear and anger. In my films, the purpose for my audience is to know and feel deep within themselves that you are NEVER alone instead you are love, hope, and courage. I invite them to tap from within their hearts and carry it with them to share with others. Because, we are not alone in this world but how do we know we are not alone with out people speaking up for those who can't. We all deserve to have the freedom to be our true selves without fear and worry. My current Screenplay is set in Worcester, MA with a female-driven protagonist. LOGLINE: “An emotionally damaged, self-help book author must face her past sexual abuse when she is forced to return home to help her sick mother who failed to protect her from her abuser.” LOCALE: Worcester, MA PERIOD: Contemporary FORM: Feature Length GENRE: Drama/Dramady BUDGET: Low My super power in screenwriting is dramas that focus mostly on my protagonists’ internal conflicts that target basic human emotion through high levels of authenticity both in the theme, character depth, and setting. Personal Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: IMDb:\

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