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I'm Joshua Hartzler a.k.a. "The Duke of Artz" I am an Artist diagnosed with Mild Autism, which causes me to walk around sometimes and talk to myself sometimes by quoting specific movie lines from specific scenes. Sometimes I get anxious and have a hard time understanding particular situations but I try to make it work. Anyway As “The Duke of Artz” I enjoy Drawing and sketching Power Rangers, celebrities, people, dinosaurs, animals, fairy tale creatures, landscapes, movie and TV Show Characters, Halloween Monsters and anything that allows me to showcase my talents to delight and entertain others. As an autistic artist, I‘m compared to a sponge, soaking up any and all information around me. my art being a direct reflection of my obervtional qualities. I draw inspirations from the characteristics of people and places I examine in real life, read about in books and and study in films. I I also enjoy writing stories. I not only write stories, but also draw illustrations to accompany them. My stories cross all genres, dealing with fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, and Horror. I enjoys acting out specific scenes, practicing the enunciation and emphasis of words, and always researching. I also enjoy reading books by R.L. Stine, Betsy Haynes and Stephen King and I also enjoy going to ”Capital Arts“ in Jefferson City on Blvd street because it gives me a chance to pursue my art with out ridicule, as well as an opportunity to learn about new mediums and techniques. As "The Duke of Artz" I hope to one day collaborate with Major Film Companies like "possibly" Dreamworks, Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox or Warner Bros Animation Studios. I dislpay all my art projects that I made during high school & ones I made recently on my Facebook Page to show everybody online for their enjoyment, amusement, amazement & entertainment on “Hartzler's Art Projects.” and here on my deviant art page, “Hartzler35” I also make videos on IMovie on my IPad and post them on my YouTube channel "The Duke of Artz:" As “The Duke of Artz” I hope you all like my Artwork Illustrations.

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