How to get 5000 paying Fans:

  • Think of FAN4ME like Netflix… Except YOU are Netflix. You create the content and make your channel successful and entertaining for your audience. Resulting in more subscriptions and more spending , making you happy and a successful creator.
  • The more likes , comments and views you get on your content the more likely people are to like your content and watch it .
  • People will more likely follow a creator that has more likes and follows as opposed to an artist that has very few .
  • Draw your audience from you other social media platforms by creating adverts and stories.
  • Ask people to like your content and add you to their walk of F4ME in such an exchange create promotions on your content and reward your fans. This will entice them to sign up or pay per view your content. Also creating cross promotion.
  • Promote, promote , promote! You must do self advertising. The top creators do 4x posts per day to make the big bucks.
  • You need to entice your audience from free to view platforms to your now paying platform. So stop posting free stuff and create exciting teasers and offers , promotions to get your fans to sign up to your Channel on
  • Great content equals great results.
  • Collaborate with more successful creators and build your personal brand awareness and fan base.
  • Try asking or making a business proposition to successful influencers to do a shout out of your content. Promote each other’s content and platform.
  • Cross promotion is key for success.
  • Send a free trial on content.
  • Pay for shoutouts on famous and successful influencers profiles and social media.
  • Keep regular promotions.
  • Daily shoutouts!
  • Daily posting. Remember your fans are paying for your channel and need to be entertained to re sign to your channel.
  • Message your existing subscribers. Message your pay per view Audience and entice them with specially created promotions for them to sign up as subscribers . Once your fans are in…. keep them in.
  • Use your financial simulator in the “my earnings“ (coming soon) section to see why you made more money one month opposed to another. Give your audience what they are looking for.