3 Creator mistakes to avoid

1. Consistency.

  • Get secure income
  • Secure growth
  • Manage your financials
  • Being consistent is key for success
  • If you don't make regular posts your income will go down
  • Post every 2 days. Everyday is better!
  • The more you post, the more you earn, it’s simple.
  • Consistent posts will ensure your subscribers resubscribe and new subscribers will join.

2. Don’t take it personally.

  • All content creators that put themselves out there must be prepared for some negative comments and feedback. IGNORE IT!
  • Yes, you must give your fans content they want to see, but don't stop posting because someone that doesn’t know anything made a silly comment. Keep posting.
  • Don't listen to anything people say that is not useful to you.

3. Don't post bad quality videos.

  • Make sure that you are posting well thought out , creative and well filmed content.
  • Quality videos
  • Your fans love your pictures, but video is king.
  • A good example of a post would be : 2 x pictures and 1 x good quality video
  • Good lighting example: ring light