5 Tips to make your profile stand out !

1. Make a high quality profile video for your header.

If you choose for your header to be a photo make sure it fits with the long banner properly. Perhaps try using photoshop and splice 3x pics together nicely.

Profile picture should be your best look.

2. High profile likes.

Ask your fans and visitors to like 100 posts.

For example 1000 fans x 100 likes equals 100 000 likes on your profile.

Profiles that have over 100 000 likes do extremely well .

Create rewards for your fans to give you more likes eg- exclusive content.

3. Work on your written content on your profile.

Example : your biography.

Promote your profile in your biography and tell your fans why your profile is better than the rest.

Say things like: you do daily posts,you reply to all fans,you accept requests for exclusive content, describe the quality of your content and your profile, be very engaging with your fans.

4. Post a story on your profile everyday. (Coming soon)

The circle around your profile pic will change color and make your profile look different from others. Like instagram this feature pulls the audience in to view your content and makes it stand out against the rest.

5. Get Shoutouts!!!

  • get creators to do shoutouts
  • offer free trials and free content to get more likes
  • cross promote