FAN4ME is calling all singing teachers, dance teachers, photographers , film teachers , Speech teachers, Instrumental teachers, makeup etc to send us some of your work and your CV from across the globe. If you are selected you will have full access for our performers to improve their crafts.

For more details contact us and send your information to

If are a subscribed Performer with these teaching capabilities for both your Cast members or for your Audience . To further your FAN4ME benefits we have installed a new functionality to be able to accomodate a teaching lesson with your fans on a live online class. All you need to do is make your fee and the audience member needs to click the icon Teach me icon.

We suggest teaching tuition for any form of artist to start from 10 dollars -100 dollars for 1 hour. However these are your fan members and your students so make the price you decide.

Please note: 80 percent of each class will be paid to the Teacher.