The road less travelled - A true director's note

After I left my well paid corporate job I needed to go back to performing and being creative, I was at a crossroad and was forced to ask myself what am I going to do to make money and how can I be in control of my artistic career? You could say I left with all intentions to start performing again fulltime and hit the road running.Then The CoronaVirus pandemic started … All my dreams and career focus changed and I was stuck. For days I sat on the coach and practised my singing .Do I take some job I hate and continue to get poorly paid for it or do I take a chance on ME. The easier choice would be to get another paying job…Or do I take a riskier path. Of course, I chose the road less travelled. ..But with the CoronaVirus pandemic worldwide what? And how? When would I be free again to network and build my personal brand . Feeling vulnerable I decided to believe in myself, JUMP.The path not many of us decide to take, but the people that do get to experience things that they never thought were possible.I brainstormed and did a lot of online research and made meetings with multiple system functionality creators. This was the birth of FAN4ME but not the beginning of its conception. That started many many years back … back in the days After college and Phantom of the Opera world tour and back when I lived hand to mouth as an artist. I needed to make a STAGE.. I needed other artists whom I know were struggling like myself to have a platform to take control of their lives again, once and for all and be paid to do what they love. I can finally be happy and do work on my craft doing what I was destined to do. . There is nothing more rewarding for me than to get the applause from people that hear me sing…. Them telling me I made their day or what I sang really touched and moved their soul. We together as audience and artists are changing the future of the entertainment industry. Creating the biggest show venue in the world. Things will never be the same again...The show must go on.

“A director's Note”