1. Keep 1 or 2 pieces of your content free

Why and what’s the strategy behind this?

  • When you're starting out on Fan4me you want the most views and likes and obviously subscriptions.
  • This is a sure way to get dozens of fans to view you on your free content but without giving anything away.
  • You will make money on this free content by selling your posts by pay per view and restricting all content to remain as preview only until they pay per view or decide to go to your full content main page.
  • Always have a call to action for them to view more on your Profile.
  • The plus is that people that become your fans from your free content will not unsubscribe cause they don't pay any money. This is the chance to constantly sell your content and drive the fan and persuade them that they need to act and become a subscriber.
  • Also a great chance for you to create promotions especially made for your free fans.
  • Every fan that joins to view your free content must receive a welcome message with a link to see all your wonderful content.
  • You can do unlimited shoutouts on your other social media platforms with similar artists with a similar amount of followers and that is an assured way of getting thousands of new followers fast!
  • Your name and profile will have more visibility than others PLUS it will have more likes and comments and therefore be more attractive to your paying fans.
  • Pay per view is an excellent tool to entice your fans!
  • This is a great technique to use that will ensure longevity of your successful career on FAN4ME.