What is a Subscription Bundle?

A subscription bundle is simply a discount on subscriptions to a FAN4ME account that lasts more than one month. Rather than only being able to offer the first month at a discounted rate, you now can give prospective fans a 3, 6 or even a 12-month subscription for a reduced price.

You can’t use this feature if you have a free FAN4ME account. This is a feature that is limited to fan members with a fixed subscription price. If you want to use this feature, it will be made available as soon as the price has been set up by you, the Artist.

How to Use Subscription Bundles

To use this feature, you can go either to your profile, or to settings, and navigate to “Promotions. When adding a Subscription Bundle, you will be able to select the length of the subscription in months, as well as the percentage of discount you wish to give (from 0%-50% off). Percentage gage simulation coming soon!

For fans subscribing to a creator through a promotional bundle, it will work in the same way as a regular subscription. The fan’s subscription will last for the time period stated, then following the end of the subscription you will be required to resubscribe to the creator in question at their full monthly price. The process of re-subscribing after the end of the subscription bundle, and any checks required, will take place as usual. Charges will be made in the same way as any other purchase made by a user on FAN4ME.