• LIVE: Live streaming shows.
  • Clap: New coming soon!
  • PPV: Pay Per View to unlock extremely exclusive performances and photographic material that are already loaded and locked for pay per view sessions. Example: 3-15 dollars depending on what your audience can afford. The content will be unlocked for the time you allocate.

What is a LIVE?

A LIVE is designed for live performances (LIVE STREAMING) of any kind. ORCHESTRA, OPERA, THEATRE,ACTING,SINGING,DANCING,VIOLIN… This is the platform for big or small theatre corporations and Individual artists. The future of the stage in general to survive and thrive better than before is Live VIRTUALLY AND PHYSICALLY. Get connected and stream your performances live for free today and earn 80 percent of each fans ticket. Please note that this feature is part of the package of their subscription for a FAN4ME fan. What a great sell for theatre companies to make extra money and to benefit their artists.Sign up to FAN4ME.COM

What is a CLAP? (Coming soon)

A clap is a Tip that you earn from your fans when they feel that what they see is deserving of a standing ovation. Promote this in your lives.

What is a PPV (Pay Per View)?

PPV allows you to share exclusive content via messages with your dedicated fans who are willing to pay for it. Pay Per View is also designed for fans that don’t want to commit to a full subscription ,but feel they want to view some of your content or live streams.Try sending PPV with a variety of prices to appeal to fans with different levels of finances and commitment. For example, low: $3 Medium: $10, High: $15. The duration for the audience with a PPV is up to you.