Connecting artists and creators to their fans through the worlds best online entertainment experience


FAN4ME is an online platform/ stage to showcase all artists and creators around the world to their fans and audience. Fan4ME is finally here for artists to be truly recognised for their talents and expertise. Build up your personal brand , and not have to work doing extra jobs to make a living, as you climb your way to Stardom.


In the middle of a world crisis the most affected industry was the entertainment industry. Thousands, if not millions of great talents around the world found themselves without their jobs overnight. Tours, events, TV shows were cancelled and all those people who were making a living were now left with nothing.



We offer the stage for any talented soul on this planet to show their best potential and also make a living out of it. We give them the chance to not be slaves of jobs they hate and were not born to do. Now FAN4ME.COM Artists and creators of all walks of life can work with what they love,building careers and fine tuning their personal brands. Talented people will no longer serve tables and do purposeless jobs and be exploited not making their full earning potential. Your career starts here now with Fan4me. Sign up to FAN4ME.COM and start living your best life today.

Artists have worked incredibly hard for years ! It's time for you to get your money's worth! You have earnt it! Training tirelessly to achieve that level and experience. This is not the time to let our world’s performers be forgotten. They’ve invested a lot in their craft, and their multiple talents and gifts cannot be out there for free or be thrown away. It's time to support our artists and become their best fans .

THE SHOW MUST GO ON! AND IT DOES…... 24 Hours of everyday.
This is the BIGGEST Stage on earth!


Artists of all kinds - singers, dancers, performers and painters,photographic artists and others - will upload their video presentations or schedule LIVE presentations to the platform database. Each subscriber pays a monthly fee to access the platform content of each individual performer. Each artist finally gets the chance to be their own performer, director, choreographer and self-marketer, building their personal brands and growing their fan base.

Artist Recommendations: You can keep other social media platforms to showcase your designed advertisements of your content in settings and then post directly to your other social platforms so you can actually be rewarded for what you create.