Nicholas Sean Frost

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I am a nineteen year old international competition dancer and vocational dance student from South Africa. I'm also a former South African national figure skater. I study vocational ballet and contemporary dance at Caroline Kotze School of Dance in Cape Town and I've been part of the Male Dancer Development Program at Cape Town City Ballet since March 2020. I wanted to start ballet lessons at the age of twelve years, but was turned down by a number of dance schools in my neighborhood. Then I opted to learn figure skating; which I considered to be just as graceful as ballet. Thankfully, there were no age restrictions for beginners in figure skating. Despite enjoying figure skating tremendously, I desperately wanted to do ballet. My off-ice coach at the ice-rink, Oleksii Ishchenko inspired and motivated me even more to follow my dreams. I started formal dance lessons around the age of fifteen years with the support of Oleksii who choreographed my audition piece. I immediately wanted to learn as many styles as possible; so I enrolled in ballet, modern dance, contemporary, jazz, lyrical dance and later, acro. I also started gymnastics lessons in June 2018 to help improve my dance skills. Six months after starting dance lessons (in 2018), I qualified for the 2019 World Lyrical Dance World Championships in England where I competed as the only male dancer from South Africa. I was also the only male dancer internationally; dancing in the lyrical and jazz solo sections for my age group. Since then, I have qualified for and competed in several regional, national and international dance competitions in lyrical, jazz and contemporary solos, duets and group dances. This year, in 2021, I medaled in two international competitions; one being the World Lyrical Dance Grand Prix (with choreography by Oleksii Ishchenko). I also qualified for the World Lyrical Dance Championships (with choreography by Debbie Laaks of Caroline Kotze School of Dance) which has been postponed till next year in Dublin, Ireland. In July this year, I achieved top results in the individual ballet and contemporary medal tests with the Theatre Dance Association. In October 2021, my contemporary group and my lyrical contemporary duet medaled at MOVE National finals. My ultimate dream is to be a professional ballet dancer. I want to continue growing as a dancer and as a person and to use that knowledge and skills to uplift others; not only on stage, but through outreach programs as well.

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