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Donna D’Urbano starts her career in show business very early in her life. She made her first steps at singing on Belgrano Broadcasting (one of the most popular radios in Buenos Aires, Argentina). She worked on many TV shows, soap operas and commercials. She also perfomed in several plays as part of the independent theatre, sharing stage with very famous actors and actresses like the Spanish icon, Carmen Sevilla or locals, Gerardo Romano and Katja Alemann. She took part in some of the most popular TV shows like “Sabados de la Bondad”, “Teve Tour” or soap operas like “La Viuda Blanca” or “Duro como la Roca, Fragil como elcristal”. She sung together with Katja Alemann on “Puma y Espuma” at the opening of the legendary disco “Cemento”, THE Rock and Roll disco in Buenos Aires. Donna shared stage with Esteban Mellino, a great Argentinian actor. She performed different plays and shows on many theaters and on very important events at the Argentinian Congress or Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre among others. She studied singing and phoniatrics with Dr Jatzkevich she is taking popular and lyric singing classes with Liliana Lecuona, She has an outstanding versatile voice. That’s why she feels at ease singing different styles like blues, rock and roll, jazz, bossa nova, tango and ballads; or in different languages like Spanish, English, Italian or French Nowadays she sings as solist with the best musicians of Argentina. She also teaches different courses like singing, singing therapy, stage expression and reading. She performs her shows at many important pubs or at private parties or events. She is coming back to the USA as part of the worldwide event Earthday Brasil as an Argetinian music ambassador. Donna is the female force and nature of blues. It’s a true pleasure to work with this outstanding singer. Specialties: Singer,vocalist,actress.Profesor of song an expresion, work in escene.coaching vocal

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