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Rising Star Underground Radio is all about music exposure in the music industry. Rising Star Underground Radio is an Internet music Platform , focused on music promotion and Exposure. Rising Star Underground Radio is one of the #1 internet radio station chains focusing on unsigned and independent music. As one of the music industry's leading radio broadcasting networks, our mission is to level the playing field for the independent record company or new developing recording artist by giving their music an opportunity at reaching global audience. Rising Star underground Radio is broadcasting twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to over 5 million registered listeners in more than 100 countries. We're based in  30 N Gould St Sheridan, WY Our SERVICES are;  -PLAYLIST  -Interview MAGAZINE  -Featured ARTIST  -Videos FEATURED _ Company advertisement _ Webdesign for artists NB: there's a one time fee associated with this service to assist us with editing, maintenance and technical assistance. This fee ranges from $25 to $100 based on your Package chosen for submission. How to Submit Music for Airplay. Point 1 Figure out what song or songs you'd like to submit. Rising Star underground radio LLC  plays almost every genre you can think of, so don't be shy with your choice! Point  2 Make sure the songs you've chosen are in the MP3/WAV formats.  Be sure they are also named: BandName_SongTitle to avoid confusion.  Point 3 Refer me as "Martin" in the release Submission form   “Get On the playlist" https://rsu-radio.com/playlist/ Things to Remember Absolutely no inappropriate language or derogatory political material will be permitted.  No cover songs are allowed unless you have a music license giving you permission to use the song and us permission to play it. You must have the copyright for the music you submit. Artists retain all rights to their music Best regards Martin radiomusicpromo78@gmail.com

  • 5
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